Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation was established in 2017 under the Faculty of Health Sciences with the vision of educating qualified physiotherapists in the field with current and evidence based education.

Who is a Physiotherapist?

A Physiotherapist is an autonomous professional who, in case of a musculoskeletal disorder, carries out practices to correct body functions and minimize the ailment. Following multiple therapy approaches, a physiotherapist plans and applies physiotherapy and rehabilitation programs for the patient, the handicapped and the healthy via occupational assessments and evaluation to increase the quality of life of the patient. As well as implementing physiotherapy and rehabilitation programs, physiotherapists play an important role in training patients to use auxiliary aids and prostheses that support limbs which have a lack of function, facilitating the activities of daily living and helping them adopt their living conditions.

About Physical Therapy

The curriculum of the department includes theoretical and practical vocational courses designed for the acquisition of knowledge on extensive fundamental and clinical sciences as well as practical abilities. The first goal in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation science is to relieve the pain to improve individuals' mobility and quality of life to the expected level. Therefore, our curriculum consist of modern, multi-directional and comprehensive courses designed under such conditions and is adapted to the latest educational trends of the leading educational programs around the world.

 The need for physiotherapists has increased due to the musculoskeletal problems that occur secondary to reduced physical activity level and developing technological facilities, increased obesity, traffic accidents and trauma-related disability, increased births of disabled individuals and neurological problems. Physiotherapists are also actively involved in shortening the length of hospitalization in the treatment, which is important for cost-effective policies.

Indirectly, the number of the physiotherapists who have a full command of English increases due to technological developments and increase in the number of English publications. There is both national and international demand for academic physiotherapists. Therefore, our program to be delivered in English will be a great opportunity physiotherapist candidates. In addition, the need for academic physiotherapists has also increased.

 Among the patients hospitalized in the clinics in the framework of the Health Free Zone Project, which has developed in our country in recent years, the number of patients from other countries has begun to increase. In this context, it is also necessary to increase the number of physiotherapists speaking English. The launch of the department in English will also provide an opportunity for students who take English as their secondary education, and departmental graduates will be employed at relevant institutions both at home and abroad.